Blooket Plus – Features, Pros & Review

Blooket is offering two versions of the game. One is Blooket Free and the other is Blooket Plus. And the Plus version is for those who want to enjoy additional features of the Blooket games. However, if you want to use the Free version then you can do it as well.

In this post, we will are going to review the features of the Blooket Plus version and we will also take a look at the pros and additional options of this premium version. So let’s start it.

What is Blooket Plus?

What is Blooket Plus

Blooket Plus is the advanced and paid version of the Blooket. It is for those who want to unlock the additional pro features of the Blooket gameplay. The pro version has two versions, one is Plus and the other is Plus Flex.

These are paid versions so players and teachers have to pay for it. With plus features, players can add more fun and entertainment to their gameplay.

Blooket Plus Features

Blooket Plus Features

Now let’s find out what are the features of this paid subscription version.

All Starter Features: Paid members can also get access to all the starter features that are available for free members. Moreover, they can enjoy extra features that are not available for the free members.

Premium Game Modes: Free members can only have access to limited game modes with limited features. Whereas, paid players can get access to all the premium game modes that are not available for everyone. So enjoy the extra fun with education.

Organize Questions Set Folders: Want to create a set of different questions? Now you can add them to a dedicated folder and make as many folders as you want. Keep your questions in a proper order.

Copy Sets of Others: There are millions of question sets available in the database of Blooket. Now users can access the database and copy question sets from others. Additionally, you can edit and reorganize them as well.

✅More Detailed Game Reports: Free members will get only limited game results and reports. While, Plus members can get a more specific and detailed report of the gameplay.

Get a Verified Curriculum: Want to get the perks of expert question sets? Get it with the Plus version.

More Player Invitation: With the starter mode, you can only play with 60 players maximum. With this pro and upgraded version, you can play with up to 300 players.

Additional Question Database: Get ready to explore the question database where millions of question sets are waiting for you. Get the ideas from these sets, pick any questions, and make it your own.

Audio Recorded Questions: Now you can upload questions in your own audio. Just record the questions upload them to your database folder and share them with your class.

Extra Points and Tokens: Premium members will get an additional 10 points at the end of every game.

Deadlines Are Extended: The Starter package plan is only limited to 14 days of the deadline as homework for the students. With this mode, you can give deadlines for up to one year.

Combine Question Sets With One Click: If you ever want to combine two or more question sets to make one large question set then your wish is fulfilled. You can now combine two different types of question sets and remove the same or repeated question with just one click.

How To Buy a Blooket Plus Subscription?

How To Buy a Blooket Plus Subscription

If you want to enjoy the premium perks of the Blooket then you need to upgrade your plan. To upgrade, you need to follow this process:

1- Login to Blooket Accont:

Start the buying process with the login to your Blooket account. If you are not sure how to Login? Then check out the detailed Login guide on our website. After sign-in to your account, you need to follow step 2.

2- Navigate to Account Settings:

Now once you are inside the dashboard of your account, you need to visit the Account Settings page here

3- Choose Plan:


On the Settings page, you need to click on the “Upgrade Now!” button. Here you will see three package plans.

  1. Starter (Free)
  2. Plus ($4.99/month)
  3. Plus Flex ($9.99/month)
plus flex

Choose the plan according to your need and continue to the payment page.

4- Payment Details:

Now you need to pay for the plan you have chosen previously. Please note that the Plus subscription is $4.99 per month but you have to pay annually which is $59.88. The Plus Flex subscription will cost you $9.99 per month and you can pay monthly for it.

5- Payment Process:

Finally, you need to pay for your subscription. You can use any debit or credit card to pay for your subscription. The payment process is very secure and handled by Stripe which is a trusted payment gateway.

How to Cancel a Blooket Plus Subscription?

Blooket Plus subscription will cost you every month or year if you do not cancel it. If you do not want to use Blooke Plus anymore then you can cancel the subscription anytime. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your profile settings.
  2. Now click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  3. Provide all the necessary information and confirm your Blooket Plus subscription easily.

Blooket Plus Group Buying

Blooket Plus Group Buying

Blooket is offering an easy way to buy the Plus version in a group. If you are a group of friends, teachers, and colleagues then you can buy it in a group at a discounted price.

Here are the group plan packages:

Friends: This is a plan for up to 10 members and it will cost you $500 per year.

Departments: The plan is for 20 members and the price is $1000 per year.

Small School: If you are running a small school then use it plan. It is offering 40 Plus-plans and will cost you $1800 per year.

School: Big schools, can purchase the School plan. You will get 80 Plus plans and the cost is $3000 per year.


Is Blooket Plus worth buying?

Yes, if you want everything premium and without limits then definitely it is worth purchasing a Blooket Plus plan. Also, some game modes are only available for the paid members.

Does Blooket Plus offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial available at this time. You need to pay for the full plan and ten only you can use it.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if anything goes wrong, Blooket has a fair refund policy.

Can I buy the plan with a purchase order?

The purchase order is only available for group buying. The individual plans can’t be purchased through a purchase order. For individual plans, you need to use your credit card.

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