Blooket Join

Blooket Join allows students to enjoy collaborative learning. With unique game modes, Blooket game engages students and promote critical thinking. Each game mode has a different gameplay that enhances the teaching methods. Join games, answer questions and start playing engaging multiplayer games in classroom.


Sign up for a Blooket account and get a game code from your teacher to start your learning journey today. Blooket is a classroom engagement educational game to endorse education with fun.

Blooket Join Games

Blooket Join/Play

Blooket Join has various game modes that can be found in the game settings. To join the gameplay, you need to follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Head over to “” to join.
  2. Now navigate to the “Join a Game” button located at the header of the website.
  3. After that, you will be redirected to the next page where you need to provide your game ID code.
  4. A game code is an invitation code that you will get from your host. So ask your teachers to provide you with this code so you can do Blooket join.
  5. Enter the code and click on the arrow button to proceed.
  6. Choose your nickname for the gameplay and click on continue.
  7. You will get a random Blook (Avatar) for your profile.
  8. In this step, you need to wait until the host approves your joining request.
  9. Once you are approved, you can start playing games.

Blooket Login for Blooket Join

To do a Blooket login, a student has to visit the official Blooket join games website and then follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Blooket website and then click on the “Login” button.
  2. Enter your username or email address.
  3. Enter your password and click on the “Let’s Go” button.
  4. You will be redirected to the Blooket dashboard.
  5. Now play Blooket game in your class with students and teachers.

How to Host Blooket? For Teachers

Here is the step-by-step guide to host Blooket game for your students in the classroom:

  1. Do Blooket Login.
  2. Create a Set of Questions or use your own question.
  3. Choose a Game Mode.
  4. Invite Students with Game ID.
  5. Ask Students to Answer Questions and Review.
  6. Analysis of Results.

Blooket Game Modes

There are different trivia and review games that you can enjoy on Blooket. Here are the names of the educational games and trivia. Also, read their rules and have fun.

choose a game mode

Gold Quest

As the name suggests, this gameplay is based on a gold quest hunting. Students join this gameplay to answer the questions that quickly appear on their screens.

Crazy Kingdom

Crazy Kingdom is a cool strategy gameplay, but it is a little bit different from other games. This is a homework game that you can not play in the classroom.

Battle Royale

This gameplay is not a battle royale but a battle of learning. Students have to make teams and then start answering questions to win the battle.

Tower Defense

Tower Defense is a game where you need to build towers and then protect them from enemies who are Blooks. Students learn collaborative learning in this full of fun gameplay.

Features of Blooket

Blooket is enriched with learning classroom engagement and cool features. Some of the best features are listed below:

Knowledge Through Playing:

Blooket encourages learning through an interactive gameplay environment. It is a redefinition of SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). It helps students to get knowledge retention.

Multiplayer Activity:

With the multiplayer activity, students get the ability to think out of the box. They need to answer the multiple-choice questions in a limited time frame makes it competitive and responds quickly. This is so much fun as you will get instant feedback and be able to identify areas of education where progress is required.

Competitive Learning:

Competition is the key here. With game modes like Gold Quest, players have to compete with their fellas in real-time and improve their learning skills.

Remote Learning Integration:

Besides the present play, Blooket Join is also available for virtual learning. As Blooket is accessible for all types of devices, learners and educators can join the game from any place using their devices and internet connection.


What is Blooket Join?

Blooket is a learning and practice educational gaming website. It is created for students to enhance their learning experience. Players need to answer the questions and get points.

How to join Blooket solo?

You can join the Blooket solo easily. You need to sign up for Blooket and d Blooket login into your dashboard. Now enjoy interactive solo games.

How to play Blooket live games?

You need to sign up and create an account with Blooket and then you can enjoy live games online. Users can explore different gaming modes and engage with education.

How to host Blooket?

Educators can host Blooket game for their students. Go to your dashboard and click on the “HW” tab. Now you need to click on the “Create a Game” and then ask the students to participate in the trivia review game.

What is the Blooket code?

Every time a host sets a gameplay, he has to provide a unique code to other participants to take part in the quiz. This code is necessary as you can not access the trivia without this code.

What is a question set?

A question set is a set of interactive questions for students. This is to enhance the education and teaching methods. These questions could based on math, challenges, community and historical data.


So join Blooket today and have fun with your community and teachers. Create your account as a teacher and track the progress of any student with live feedback options. Show your class that you can learn everything. Explore the new trends of gamification today.