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Do you have questions about Blooket Join? This is a page where you can get all the important questions and their answers. So read the page carefully and find out what are their answers to your queries about the Blooket game.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Blooket?

Blooket is an educational gamified platform. This is a learning channel where educators can provide an engaging environment to the learners. It is education with fun and gaming elements. There are quizzes and general knowledge competitions for the students.

How to join Blooket gameplay?

If you want to join the Blooket then you will need to either sign up for the game platform or join the game using game ID.

How to get a game ID?

You can get a game ID from our website. Also, if you are using Blooket in your school, then you need to ask your teacher about this ID and they will provide it to you.

Can I join the game without a code?

Yes, you can join a game without a game ID. For this purpose, you need to sign up for the blooket and then choose the public game mode and enjoy the games.

How to sign up for Blooket?

To sign up for Blooket, you need to visit www.blooket.com. Now go to the sign-up button, enter your email, and verify your email with OTP. Now you are a member of Blooket.

Do I need to pay for the Blooket account or games?

Blooket is offering both free and paid subscriptions. You can use the free version and play games easily. However, if you want to enjoy premium features then you need to subscribe for the Plus subscription. 

What is a Blook in Blooket?

A Blook is a rectangular icon or avatar of the Blooket players. It shows on your profile and other players can recognize you from this avatar. However, not all Blooks are free and you have to pay for them or you need to win them with the game modes.

What is a game mode?

A game mode is a type of game in the Blooket. There are 12 game modes in Blooket that plates can use. These modes are:

  1. Gold Quest
  2. Fishing Frenzy
  3. Battle Royale
  4. Crypto Hack
  5. Cafe
  6. Monster Brawl
  7. Deceptive Dinos
  8. Classic
  9. Tower Defense
  10. Factory
  11. Racing
  12. Blook Rush

Is Blooket good for kids?

Yes, Blooket is a perfect educational game for the kids. This is a remote and distance learning and educational platform where students can join as a team and solo from their own devices. This will enhance the learning interest of the students.

Can I play Blooket offline?

No, there is no offline version of Blooket yet. You will need to have a device and an internet connection if you want to enjoy the games.

Can I play games as a solo?

Yes, you can play games as a solo. However, in the solo mode, you can not play all the twelve game modes of the Blooket.

How to host a Blooket game?

To host a game as an educator, you need to register an account on Blooket. Now you can go to your dashboard, choose the questions set, and host the game for your students.

What is a question set in the game?

A question set is a set of multiple-choice questions for the quiz. Students have to answer these questions correctly and win the game.

Can I merge the Blooket games with other earning management systems (LMS)?

Yes, there are many other earning management systems (LMS) where you can merge the Blooket game and double the fun and learning experience.

How to play a Blooket game?

To play the game, you need to either choose a group of students or you can play a solo. For solo, sign up for the Blooket and login to your account. Now click on the “Play” button to start the game. You also have to choose the game mode before you play it.

How to win the game?

Each game has its own rules and winning points. For example, if you are playing the “Gold Quest” mode then you have to answer the quiz questions correctly and then reach the top of the leaderboard. Also, you need to get gold and protect it from being stolen.

Is there any app for Blooket?

Yes, you can download the Blooket app from your preferred app store. The app has a clean and detailed interface and is easy to use.

Can I add my questions for a game quiz?

Yes, Blooket allows educators to customize or add their questions to the question set. You can also use the readymade question sets that are made by other teachers and professionals.

What are the types of games that I can play in Blooket?

Blooket offers a wide range of games for the players. You can choose from the following game types:

  • Multiple choice questions (quiz)
  • Match games
  • Flashcards
  • Strategy

Can I use Blooket on my laptop?

Yes, you can use it on your laptop, Mac, PC, or mobile phone. The game is compatible with almost all types of devices.

How to redeem Blooket points?

You can redeem your points for the Blooks and other premium features. For this purpose, you need to visit the Blooket market choose a Blook that is under your point budget, and redeem it.

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