Blooket vs Gimkit

Recent years have had a severe impact on the technology. While we have achieved amazing milestones in the fields of health, technology, and computing, education is no exception. The new term “Gamification” is leading the educational trends to new heights. The meaning of this term is to combine learning methods with gaming elements to make educational methods easy and funky. In the race of this gamified platform, we have two names, Blooket and Gimkit as one of the best in the world. In this post, we are going to reveal the core differences between the Blooket and Gmikit to identify which one is better.

Blooket vs Gimkit

So let’s have a detailed overview of both competitive online gameplay platforms.

Blooket: A Trending Gamification Tool

Blooket is a browser-based educational game platform used by teachers to review concepts and engage students in learning through fun, game-show-style competitions. It was first introduced in 2018 but it started in 2020. The game is based on traditional multiple-choice question concepts but with new features.

The gameplay consists of a question set that has multiple choice questions related to different topics and subjects like science, entertainment, life skills, or social studies. Students have to answer these questions correctly and win the game.

The questions can be as true/false and you need to answer them quickly and accurately. Teachers have the facility to create their own question sets and share them with the students.

Students can play this game via a special game ID that will be shared by the educators. Through this ID pass, they can join the gameplay and play against their competitors.

There are different game modes like Gold Quest, Crypto, Factory, and more that provide the structure for different types of races, competitions, and quests. Standard gameplay involves students racing to correctly answer questions to earn points within these game worlds.

One of Blooket’s key features is the wide range of customization options. Educators can edit game settings like time limits, number of questions, maximum players, and more to fit their learning objectives. 

There is also a rewards system where students can unlock different characters (Blooks) and skins. This allows teachers to incentivize participation.

Gimikit: A Reward-Based Educational Platform

Gimkit, the innovative educational platform, has a fascinating origin story. Born out of the creativity and ingenuity of high school student Josh Feinsilber. He created this game as a high school project in May 2017.

The gameplay involves a competitive play where students have to answer the multiple choice questions created by their teachers. These questions could be multiple-choice, true/false, and open-ended questions.

The core difference between Blooket and Gimkit is that Gimkit is centered around a live, interactive marketplace.

To start the game, students have to get a virtual currency that is called Gimkit cash. Their objective is to swiftly and accurately answer quiz questions to “hack” money from the marketplace. Each correct response deducts the earned amount from the collective marketplace total that all players draw from collaboratively. 

In this competitive environment, participants can employ power-ups to either hinder their peers, amplify their earnings, or shield themselves from potential hacks. 

The game concludes once all the money has been successfully hacked. This unique setup fosters an incentivized competition, where the combination of prompt and precise answers not only propels individuals forward but also contributes to overall collective progress.

Blooket vs Gimkit: A Detailed Comparison

Now let’s delve into the detailed comparison of both learning-based gaming platforms.

Blooket Comparison

Game Modes: Blooket is a gamified platform with 12 different game modes. These modes have different themes like Tower Defense, Battle Royale, and hacking the currency. It makes it engaging and funky.

Leaderboards: The platform features leaderboards to track and display student progress, encouraging healthy competition and motivating students to actively participate.

Adaptive Scaffolding: Question difficulty can be tailored and scaffolds like multiple choice are available at early levels, helping teach broad learner levels.

Customizable Content: One of the best features of Blooket is the facility of the customization. Educators have complete control when it comes to customizing the gaming modes. From creating their own questions to managing the game rules, educators can fine-tune the game according to their needs.

Gimkit Comparison

Monetary System: One unique feature of Gimkit is its in-game currency system (Gimkit cash). Students earn virtual money during gameplay, which they can use to purchase power-ups and upgrades. It motivates the students to stick with the game and learn continuously.

Sabotages and Powerups: The gameplay has features to hack the money from other students and power up their own skills. Some updates help the students to sabotage other players and win the game currency.

Integration with Quizlet: If you are fond of gamified tools then Gimkit can merge you with Quizlet which is another educational platform. The integration helps the teachers to import questions and quizzes from the Quizlet platform. This feature enhances the platform’s usability and content creation capabilities.

Which Gamified Tool is the Best?

Through our detailed features to feature comparison between Blooket and Gimki, you can get a better idea of which one is better for you. Both platforms are good and offer some amazing features but it all depends on your needs. If you enjoy more game modes then Blooket is your option. However, if you want some thrill and motivation of winning virtual currency then Gimkit is your way to go.

If you have any questions related to this comparison, you can ask us in the comment section.

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