Blooket Vs Kahoot

Gamification is changing the way of teaching in the world. As educators, we often need to change our ways to make learning enjoyable. This process has become so easy with new interactive learning tools like Blooket and Kahoot.

When choosing one gamified platform, you should be aware of all the pros, cons, and features of both educational platforms. In this post, we are going to compare Blooket Vs Kahoot and show you which one is better. Both platforms have gained popularity for their ability to transform traditional teaching methods into exciting, game-based learning environments. So let’s start the neck-to-neck comparison and find out which one is good for your students.

Blooket Vs Kahoot

What is Blooket?

Let’s start with Blooket which is one of the most popular and favorite gamified learning platforms all around the world including me. Blooket was introduced in 2020 by Ben Stewart and Thomas Stewart. Blooket gained so much popularity due to interactive gameplay and unique gaming modes. 

With 12 game modes and a user-friendly interface, everyone loves Blooket to enhance learning skills with fun.

To play Blooket, students have to join the game with a game ID. They need to answer the multiple choice questions in a classroom. They can also play with other teams and build teamwork enthusiasm.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is another gamified educational platform that was introduced in 2013. The founders of Kahoot are Jamie Brooker, Morten Versvik, and Johan Brand.

It is designed to transform traditional quizzes and assessments into lively games. Kahoot allows teachers to create and customize quizzes, surveys, and discussions to reinforce and assess students’ understanding of various subjects. 

Its user-friendly interface, colorful design, and competitive format make learning a fun and engaging experience for students of all ages. The teacher can create a game for their students and they can join the game using a game PIN.

Blooket Vs Kahoot: A Comprehensive Comparison

Let’s start our comparison and see which educational platform is better for educators and students.

Blooket Features:

Game Modes: Blooket is full of different game modes. These gaming modes make the gaming experience very attractive and addictive. There are 12 game modes: Tower Defense, Gold Quest, Crazy Kingdom, and Tower Of Doom. These modes provide quiz games with different amazing themes.

Real-time Gaming Experience: Teachers and students can play Blooket games in real-time. Teachers can monitor the progress of students’ lives while they are playing quizzes and trivia games.

Engaging Content: There are features like earning points and coins that make the game addictive and interesting. Students show more interest in games where they can earn rewards and points. This makes the learning experience very easy and full of joy and thrill.

Team Mode: Blooket offers a team mode, encouraging collaboration among students as they work together to answer questions and earn points.

Reports and Analytics: Blooket provides detailed reports and analytics after each game, offering insights into individual and collective performance.

Kahoot Features:

Classic Quiz Format:  Kahoot is known for its classic quiz format with multiple-choice questions and a competitive structure.

Large Community: Kahoot has a vast library of pre-made quizzes. It allows teachers to leverage the collective knowledge of the Kahoot community.

Ghost Mode: Kahoot’s Ghost Mode enables students to compete against their own or others’ previous scores. It is the best way to promote self-improvement and friendly competition.

Question Banks: Kahoot provides question banks, enabling teachers to save and reuse questions across different quizzes. It can save time in content creation and also help teachers to use other’s content to improve the knowledge of their students.

Integration with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom: Kahoot seamlessly integrates with popular educational platforms, facilitating easy sharing and engagement within existing classroom ecosystems.

Kahoot vs Blooket: Which One is Better?

As you have seen all the best features of both Blooket and Kahoot, you can now decide which learning app is the best. Also, both gamified platforms have their own pros and cons. So you can use both of them but Blooket is more advanced and interesting with various game modes.

With no age restrictions for participants over 13, the addictive and lucrative nature of Blooket ensures that students will not only engage with the content but become genuinely attached to the learning experience. Join the excitement, collaborate with peers, and transform education into an immersive adventure that transcends traditional boundaries.


The final verdict is that Blooket is a bit more advanced and better than the Kahoot game. It has more features, the latest updates, and millions of question sets. However, Kahoot is not bad as it also has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface. It also offers classic quiz competition games that amuse the students.

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