Blooket Dashboard

Blooket Dashboard is a gaming dashboard of the Blooket account. This is the place where players can manage, join, and host the Blooket games. If you want to increase your knowledge about the Blooket dashboard then this is your complete guide.

What is Blooket Dashboard?

Blooket Dashboard is a tool on Blooket, an educational gaming platform, that helps teachers manage their classes and monitor student progress. Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Teacher Control: The Dashboard gives teachers control over their Blooket games and activities.
  • Class Management: In the Blooket Dashboard, teachers have the ability to set up and oversee classes effectively.
  • Game Monitoring: Teachers can monitor how students are performing in games in real-time.
  • Customization: Using the dashboard, players can customize the settings of games.
  • Data Insights: The Dashboard provides insights into how students are doing and what topics they need help with.
  • Progress Tracking: Teachers can see individual student progress and overall class performance.
  • Safety Features: The Dashboard includes safety features to ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Resource Hub: It acts as a hub for accessing educational resources and materials.

How to Access Blooket Dashboard?

In order to access the Blooket dashboard, you need to register an account with Blooket. Once you have completed your registration, you can login to your account and check your profile and dashboard.

  1. Go to and register a new account.
  2. You need to provide your email address and username to create an account.
  3. Now complete the registration process and login with your username and password.
  4. You will see your Blooket dashboard once you login successfully.
  5. Here you will see the many options of the game that you can choose.

What are the Options Available on the Blooket Dashboard?

The Blooket dashboard has all the options available in the dashboard section. Here are the options that you can use:

  • Create
  • Discover
  • My Sets
  • Favorites
  • History
  • Homework
  • Play
  • Settings
  • Upgrade to Plus (For free members)

Let’s explain each of the options step-by-step:

1- Create

Create is the option on the Blooket dashboard to create a new game. Here players or teachers can create the game modes and styles. The host can choose the game genre and style to make the game compelling and attractive.

2- Discover

In this section, the host can choose the readymade question sets. These question sets are created by other Blooket players and hosts. You can choose the set that is made according to your needs and interests.

3- My Sets

If you want to create your own question sets then you need to navigate to the My Sets option. Here you are free to create your own sets of questions. You can add as many questions as you want to make the gameplay addictive and informative.

4- Favorites

If you have naked a question set as a favorite then you can find that one in this section. Your all favorite question sets will stay here so you can approach them easily.

5- Homework

If you are a teacher then you can assign homework to your class from this section. You have the facility to create a gameplay and assign it as homework to your class.

6- Play

For solo players, this is the option that they can choose and play solo games on Blooket. In this section, you do not need to create any set and play games online.

7- Settings

Customize your account settings and edit your profile here. You can change your name, surname, email address, and much more in the settings option.

8- Upgrade to Plus

If you are a free Blooket member then you will see this option at the left bottom of your dashboard. This is the option that you can use to upgrade your membership plan. You can pay for Blooket Plus and enjoy limitless fun with learning.


Blooket Dashboard is a key place where you can do everything that you need to do with Blooket. You can host the game, join the game, play with other people, and much more. You can also read the latest news and updates about the Blooket in this section.

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