How to Complete Homework in Blooket?

So your teacher has assigned you homework and you are not sure how to complete it right? Worry not, this article will be helpful for you to complete your Blooket homework with ease. From joining the game to submitting the final project, I will guide you on every step.

How to Use Blooket To Complete Your Homework?

The assigning of homework in Blooket is a great feature. It enables the teachers to assign homework to students to improve their learning.

For those students who have received homework from their teachers, they can use this guide to complete their homework.

Open Your Blooket Homework Link

Open Your Blooket Homework Link

When someone assigns homework on Blooket, he/she will definitely share an invitation link with the students. Without this link, students can not join the game and complete the homework. So ask your teacher about this link or QR code and follow it.

Choose Your Nickname

choose nickname

Once you follow the homework link or QR code, you will see a page where you need to choose a nickname for your profile. This name will be visible to your teachers. 

Choose a New Game or Load the Game

Choose a New Game or Load the Game

The next step is to choose your game. If you are joining a new project then choose “New Game” and if you are returning from a previous game then choose the “Load Game” option.

Play and Complete The Homework

Play the game and complete your homework in the required time. You should know that there will be a time limit for the completion of all the assigned homework projects. So stay competitive and have fun with your friends and classmates.


How do I do the homework?

You will need to get a QR code or a link from your teacher then you need to choose a nickname to complete your homework.

Do I need to sign up for the Blooket to complete my homework?

No, you do not need to sign up for the Blooket account to complete your homework. You just need to click on the shared URL and go to your homework page.

What to choose while following the homework link?

You will see two options when you follow the HW link. One is Load Game and it is for a new HW. Another is the Load Game which is for those who are returning from the previous game.

Can I submit my project after the deadline?

No, Blooket does not allow you to submit your project to your teachers after the final date has passed. You need to prepare the project before the last date.

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